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Wappi the Hippo

Wappi the Hippo is the first edition of a very colourful and fascination story. Its all about a fun loving hippopotamus and his friends, having a awesome time at his Crystal Punch at Crystal Land.
It highlights and also helps us to appreciate, one of the most important role of Mother Nature. The joy and pleasures that she contributes to our daily lives. It also brings acknowledgement to the fact that they are many deprived children, in different parts of the World. Who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature to the fullest.

Weak Barbarism

Barbarism. Contemporaneous Axiological Mutations is not meant as a thesis that provides a holistic approach on the concept of barbarism, a concept whose area of investigation may be deemed as vast as that of the concept of culture. By taking advantage of a hindsight outlook as to what concerns this topic, one could learn a great deal of details about the radical alteration of the current depiction of the notion of barbarism. vior.