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This package is designed for the people who want to have flawless books. Our Black & White publishing package can cater to a variety of demands that our client holds. Our services feature a full-colour cover, grayscale interior, and perfect binding.
The package includes but not limited to paperback ISBN assignment & UPC Barcode, and the eBook editions of your book available for worldwide distribution. This superb service is ideal for most books, this has been the classic means of publication for centuries. If your book is more text-based and having black and white images then look no further and consider our Black & White publishing package that can easily fulfil your needs.

£699 + 20% vat £899 + 20% vat £1199 + 20% vat £1399 + 20% vat
Interior customization
Image insertion 40 50
Black & White insertion 30 35 45 50+
Book cover design
Paper back availability
Hard back availability
Digital formatting & Distribution(e-book)
Electronic copy of your book
Black & White Illustration Customized
Black & white illustration Prime
Interior revision
Footnote & Chapter Endnote Formatting
One to one author support
Bluboot book store availability
Worldwide Online Distribution
ISBN assignment
UPC Barcode Books in Print
British Library Deposit
UK Copyright
Plagiarism Check
Paperback author copies
Hardback author copies
Paperback bundle books 5 7 10 15
Hardcover bundle books 5 10
Business Cards
Book Markers
T-Shirts Printed with Book cover
Personalized Mini Postcards
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Press Release Service

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Wappi the Hippo

Wappi the Hippo is the first edition of a very colourful and fascination story. Its all about a fun loving hippopotamus and his friends, having a awesome time at his Crystal Punch at Crystal Land.
It highlights and also helps us to appreciate, one of the most important role of Mother Nature. The joy and pleasures that she contributes to our daily lives. It also brings acknowledgement to the fact that they are many deprived children, in different parts of the World. Who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature to the fullest.