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Masterpiece is the most prestige of all. This is the stage when you finally become a master of your destiny and your work of art. This package not only gets your publishing work converted, printed and completely distributed, but there is an amazing pack of features that can easily compete with your competitors’ offers.
Our versatile self-publishing services are provided according to your specific project needs, from editing to eBook conversion and publishing to promotion. For amateurs or those new to the self-published world, it can be frustrating and daunting not knowing which features are best for your publishing plan. So, for this reason, BluBoot has created this package to turn your dreams into reality.
We help authors save time and money. It includes all of the elements needed to make your book a bestseller. BluBoot is glad to provide a unique service to its clients, we are assuring that every book from our platform is influential. In fact, most of our books remain at the physical bookshop shelves for a month, receive all the success they deserve.

Spark the imagination of your young readers with our ultimate children’s publishing package. With the BluBoot’s stairs of enchantment package, your book will be available in full-colour paperback and eBook formats. You will have a book that can easily yet readily captures the children’s attention and they can’t resist themselves to buy them.


MASTERPIECE £2099+ 20% vat
Interior customization
Hard cover copies
PICK and Choose Up to 20 different services
20 personalized key rings
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Pick and choose up to 15 different services
Paperback copies
First 5 free illustrations
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Wappi the Hippo

Wappi the Hippo is the first edition of a very colourful and fascination story. Its all about a fun loving hippopotamus and his friends, having a awesome time at his Crystal Punch at Crystal Land.
It highlights and also helps us to appreciate, one of the most important role of Mother Nature. The joy and pleasures that she contributes to our daily lives. It also brings acknowledgement to the fact that they are many deprived children, in different parts of the World. Who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature to the fullest.