We know you have already worked hard to make your book’s content the most exclusive from all. But now it’s time to give the same attention to your book’s appearance. Our team of professional designers will work with you during the whole journey to create the most compelling look and feel to your book. We set amazing page layouts and an attractive cover design that exhibits your readers the whole meaning of your book at a glimpse.

  • We print book covers in a wide variety of genres
  • Our expert designers will create a custom book cover that you can be proud of
  • BluBoot helps you if you are dreaming of hold your own printed book
  • We offer an easy and affordable service for you to give your book a bold statement
  • What we are providing you more is eBook cover service
  • Your eBook will enable to convey the key thoughts, messages, and images that sum up your book
Interior Colour Illustrations
What BluBoot studio designers will do is use your content, description, and feedback to build custom colour illustrations that shows readers your book’s unique style.
Interior Black & White Illustrations
To add more visual value to the pages of your book – BluBoot use custom black-and-white illustrations. Our brilliant in-house designers can help you to make your book beautiful. Meet us whether you need informational graphics or whimsical drawings.
Interior Page Layout
Our in-house studio artists will work to make a well-organised interior layout of your book. We add creative elements to give your book visually pleasing style and ensuring that it will keep consistent with the highest standards.
Cover Design
Our specialist artists keeping your target audience, genre, and exclusive content in their minds while creating the professional cover of the book. The amazing book cover effectively represents your book to potential readers.

We know your book’s cover says a lot to readers that’s why we work carefully to meet your every requirement to its best level. BluBoot in-house designers will combine your input with their own design expertise to build a custom designed book cover. We creatively designed your book cover that you will be proud to show off.

Interior Illustrations

Elevate your book to the next level with our black & white and colored interior illustrations to make your book more appealing to everyone.

Interior customizations

Inside is always personal so in order to accelerate your book’s interior look let us help you with our dynamic interior customization service.

Interior Colour Illustrations
Interior Black & White Illustrations
Interior Page Layout
Cover Design

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