We offer three levels of manuscript editing services to address the editorial needs of all authors and researchers, including those with English as a second language. These service levels differ in terms of the scope of edit and post-editorial support.

BluBoot provides you with a well-written, perfectly formatted manuscript that meets global publication standards. A native-English editor and subject expert will review your manuscript using a detailed checklist.

  • Checks for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and accurate language use
  • Consistent style & terminology
  • Words that are spelled correctly but used in the wrong context
  • Catching common spelling mistakes
  • 100% quality guaranteed
  • Editing by expert editors
  • Journal formatting
Review your content line by line, correct the complex sentences. Capture the asymmetry typos in paragraph structure. Keeping eyes on flow, language use, clarity, readability, and addresses grammatical issues.
Spot grammatical typos that are usually gone unseen before your eyes while writing. Delving into formatting errors and helping you to make your manuscript, web copy, and marketing stuff error-free yet professionally polished.
Content Creation
Write unique yet quality content for your projects. Get your concepts, information, and sales language and turn them into refined, accessible copy that will scale up your writing pieces.
Ghost writing
Take your brilliant, creative and informative ideas and transform them into a well-written book. Keep creating books that can easily bring your ideas to life and also includes research and radio interviews.

Improve Your Written Work With Our Editorial Service

BluBoot is passionate about helping authors to edit, proofread and do general formatting of the work. Use our editing services and gain amazing profits from your book sales. As our editing package gives you a benefit to save on your money. We provide you with an unrivalled professional support throughout the publishing process.

Line Editing

Content Editing

0.36 pence per Word

Will check for crucial plot details including setting and character likewise maintain the flow of information.

Content Editing Advance

0.42 pence per Word

This is designed for a manuscript that needs a lot work being done on the reconstruction of sentences, grammar and overall accuracy of content.

Content Editing Advance+

0.85 pence per Word

This service contains all the elements of editing plus the opportunity to be in full contact with your content editor from start to finish.

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