This is critical to have a well-formatted and well-designed book as an author. Although you created an error-free manuscript, it might not get the attention it deserves without professional formatting. BluBoot is able to arrange your content in a best-possible way. We keep working to build a great reading experience for your book’s audience. Our book designer experts will work with your input and make a custom layout to match the theme and message of your book.

We have a great skill set to give your book a perfect shape. Your readers will receive a book which can match their taste and don’t leave them with disappointment. We can give our authors both hardcover and paperback books. Moreover, we can also create an eBook as per your requirement.

What will be delivered by BluBoot?

  • Formatted manuscript
  • Edited images and tables
  • Editor’s Message – this file is written by the editor and describes the changes that need to be made by the author, as well as suggestions for the manuscript.
Your manuscript follows all the journal’s standards for publishing parameters, for example, line spacing, font, heading styles etc.
We will do a proofreading throughout your manuscript to ensure it is error-free. A complete review of your book including resolution, images format and dimensions, colour settings etc.
Image Editing
We will edit your images so that they meet the specifications of the book. We will make sure that the graphic information meets the publication standards.
Audiobook Format
Don’t you want to add a literal voice to your story? We are able to convert your book into an audiobook. We are also having BluBoot audiobook package that really provides you great results.

What’s more, we can do for the authors?

BluBoot can print your author biography along with inside flaps and the back cover such as excerpts of reviews or endorsements. We will be assigned a unique ISBN for your hardcover edition.

  • Digital Distribution and formatting
  • Audio book (contact for further details.)
  • Electronic Format (e-Book)
Image Editing
Audiobook Format

Print Format

Black & white and colour paperback (trim size and page count may vary depending upon the author’s request). Black & white and colour hardback (trim size and page count may vary depending upon the author’s request).

Softcover Publishing

BluBoot helps you to publish softcover books in perfect-bound format, the process includes a glue to hold the pages and cover together – a common type of ultimate professional books found in bookstores.


We offer you a hardcover book feature. It deals to give your book a durable cloth binding, an embossed spine, and a full-colour dust jacket. The extra space provided by the interior of the dust jacket enables us to print descriptive copy about your book.

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