We are offering a very reliable marketing service which can help your book to be marketed tremendously. The authors who continuously get engaged in promotions and marketing activities are the ones who get benefit of more sales and eventually their work gets promoted amazingly. At, we strive to promote your book and for this good reason, we offer a list of services.

Key reasons to choose us:

  • We strive to make your book competitive in the market place
  • Figure out the best marketing strategy for your book
  • Provide both traditional and modern marketing approaches
  • Expose your book to the wider audience
Digital Advertising
We offer digital advertising service that helps your book to be promoted through internet ads and gives you an exposure among largest crowd.
Audio books
Today there are many modern users and some users choose to listen a story therefore, BluBoot presents options that create and market audiobook.
Direct Marketing
We build a new dimension to market your book. Now you can bring an excitement into your personal promotion with us. Add bookmarks, postcards, or business cards to market your book among your friends and contacts.
Website Design
Our skillful team can put their skills together to make the different areas of website for you that will promote your book.

Radio interviews

Now, you can educate, entertain and inspire people with our latest radio interview service, designed especially for you to spread useful information.

Newspaper Advertisement

Display your talent wherever you want because at Bluboot you can aid yourself with Newspaper advertisement service that will display your thoughts.

Magazine Advertisement

Represent your message with our magazine advertisement service that will offer you high quality, colorful yet glossy images to express yourself among the crowd.

Advertising Services
Audio books
Direct Marketing
E-mail Campaign

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