We are working as a committed publishing company and works to publish children books, novels, poetry, pictures book and education books.

Animation Videos: We craft your unbaked ideas and convert them into visual stories. With lively animations, catchy lyrics and magical tunes, Bluboot injects an overall unique look and feel to your services. Our melodious songs is an amazing way to develop reading, listening, and singing skills to your children. Find these all classy features and stay tuned for exciting videos.

Illustrations: Bluboot works with you during the whole book publishing process to make your children books wonderful. This feature helps your content to give a lively look. Each illustration has a different style and interprets text somewhat differently. We also have a set of great packages that best describes your genre. You can choose to publish your work in classic black & white or dazzling full colour.

Audio: Bluboot opens up new markets and revenue streams for authors to convert their well-written books into audio format. You can widen your readership base by tapping into the audiobook market with a professionally narrated audio version of your book. We can easily turn your book into an audiobook. It’s an easy way to produce and distribute your digital audiobook and you can also take advantage of our exciting new features. Audiobook enables you to reach more readers in more ways.

Pre-Manuscript Services
We can prepare your manuscript for submission very easily. What enables us to do this is our professional and trained staff. At, our team can efficiently convert your manuscripts into workable files that can manipulate images which can be used into your books.
Post-page Layout Services
Often authors want to alter little elements of their book once it has been sent to the printer. Our post-page layout offers different services to carry out such changes properly.
Rapid Release
When your author wants to publish the book as quickly as possible while controlling the whole publishing process. Bluboot offers the most efficient rapid service which enables you to pair with seasoned design team that can help you publish as quickly as possible.
Once you are all done with publishing and your book gone live for sale, still you can correct errors that you have been missed. You can choose this service for correction purpose. Additionally, you may select this service, if you only have either a softcover or a hardcover that needs to be altered.

Why Choose Our Service

  • We quickly deliver required changes
  • Offers easy processes
  • Correct your errors efficiently
  • Helps you stand out from the rest

Pre-Manuscript Submission:

BluBoot knows how hard it can be, getting your manuscript ready for submission. That is where our highly experienced and professional team will do all the hard work for you by converting your manuscript and images into ready usable files.

Pre-Manuscript Services
Post-page Layout Services
Rapid Release

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